General Questions

What is Superinvoice Book?
Super Invoice is online software that allows you to easily send invoices to your clients or customers. It is an online invoicing form for our Australian users.
Who can use Superinvoice Book?
Any Australian sole trader, business, company, freelancer or individual can use Super Invoice to create quotes and invoices.
Is Superinvoice Book right for my business?
Try us our free trial package and see for yourself.
Is my data secure?
Yes, your data is safe with us. Super Invoice take security very seriously and have implemented many layers of data security.
Is there a mobile app?
Yes, mobile apps is available.
Do you store my credit card details?
No Super Invoice do not collect or store any sensitive financial information about you or your customers. All of our payment processing is done by trusted, secure third parties such a Stripe and PayPal.

Free Trial, Plans and Upgrading

Do I need to register an account?
Yes, account registration is required to start creating your invoices. You can simply register with your email address and you will be logged in automatically to start using Superinvoice Book. Register Here
How much does it cost to register?
Registration is 100% free. When registering, you will join our free trial which gives you 14 days to try us out. There is no credit card required to join so it is risk free for you.
What happens to my invoices when my free trial expires?
Your existing invoices and quotes will still be available for viewing and downloading. You won't be able to create new invoices when your plan expires.
How do I upgrade when my free trial expires?
There is an 'Upgrade' button on your Dashboard. Simply click this to be taken to the Subscription page where you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Using Superinvoice Book

Can I save my own line items?
Yes, you can add unlimited line items within your settings page that can then be easily added to quotes or invoices. This is a huge time saver.
How many invoices can I save?
You can save an unlimited number of invoices.
How many quotes can I save?
You can save an unlimited number of quotes.
How many expenses can I save?
You can save an unlimited number of expenses.
How many clients can I save?
You can save an unlimited number of clients.
Can I design my own templates?
Currently we have templates and custom colors that allow you to customise your quotes and invoices to match your business branding. You can also add your own custom CSS.
Do you have Australian tax invoice templates?

Yes, please view this sample tax invoice template as an example.

Can I export quotes and invoices?
Yes, you can export all of your invoices and quotes into a single CSV file which can come in handy at tax time.
Is it possible to add terms and conditions to invoices?
Yes there is a field specifically for terms and conditions for quotes and for invoices.

Wanna know why 10000 small businesses prefer Superinvoice Book?

Try sending your first invoice with Superinvoice Book, you will know why. (It’s Free)