Why Small Businesses Should Immediately Start Using Invoicing/ Billing Software

More and more small businesses are switching to these online invoicing tools, and ditching the invoicing templates they were using earlier. If you are still using paper-based invoicing or invoicing templates that require a lot of typing, the time is ripe to switch to Online Invoicing software to get paid faster.

Here is why online invoicing software or apps is a better choice than old fashioned Invoicing templates:

You can create and send the invoice from anywhere

All your data, related to client and payment details, are saved in the cloud of the invoicing or billing software, so you have access to all the information and can write and send invoices from wherever you are. You can create and send the invoice while still at the client’s or anywhere in the globe. You don’t need to be in your office. Superinvoice book is available as a web tool as well as an app.

Customize it according to your business and location

An invoice created with invoicing software can be customized according to your small business needs. You can add the hours worked, discounts, shipping expenses, taxes etc. Invoicing solutions like Superinvoice Book allow you to use any currency.

All your billing data remains safe even if your system breaks down

You don’t have to worry about losing your business records in case your computer breaks down, since these are safely backed up on several servers. This feature is especially helpful to small business owners.

It is faster than Invoicing templates

It takes less time to write an invoice than starting from scratch. Everything remains saved in your account on the invoicing software. After you’ve invoiced a client once, you can save all the information in your database and just retrieve it from there next time when you write an invoice for that client.

The faster you are in the dealings with your client, the more you can grow your small business. Billing or the invoicing software (whatever you may call it) is designed to help you create invoices faster by choosing options from drop-down menus. It also automatically calculates discounts, taxes, shipping amount and total amounts.

It makes payment easier and faster

Your client can make the payments faster if he receives the invoice in the email. You can mention in the email the payment method he can use to settle the bill- such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. In this way, they can pay you in just a few clicks and can do it easily even from a mobile device, exactly the way you want.

The invoice or bill looks professional and formal

Invoices created with invoicing software are professional in design. They look attractive and contain clear information, making it easy for the client to find all the information necessary for the payment at a first glance.

A professionally-looking invoice also enhances your brand’s identity with the customers. You can create a great impression among the clients.

It reduces the chances of error

It is probable to make errors or to mistype a name or address when you make an invoice every time from scratch. This can ultimately lead to unwanted delays in payment, as you need to correct the mistakes and send the invoice again.

Invoicing software like Superinvoice Book decreases the chance of making such mistakes, because you will be able to retrieve most of the information such as the client’s name and address from the system instead of retyping it for every new invoice.

Provides overview and insight and automatic notifications and reminders

Invoicing software makes it easier for you by giving you an overview of all your invoices and their status. You don’t need to keep tab on every billing information individually. You can get an overview of all the invoices and clients on the dashboard of your Online Invoicing Software account.

This way you will always be up-to-date with the status of your invoices.

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